Imayam Educational Institutions

Chairman's Message

At whatever point I am approached to characterize instruction and to speak on Education, the accompanying statement consistently strikes a chord "The entire reason for training is to transform mirrors into windows". Instruction is the wellspring of development, progress and advancement in any piece of the world. Its commitment has been liable for upliftment of the general public, in forming the ethical fiber of the understudy network and adding to the country's prosperity by delivering the splendid personalities of tomorrow.

We at the Idhayaam College of Education have organized a viable and all encompassing training framework in a manner that readies the students to be a proficient workforce and utilize the open doors that the business sends their direction. The educational plans of the Imayam Trust are intended to keep pace with the consistently advancing and dynamic patterns and difficulties of the business today. The courses offered is not just empower the students to build up an extent of abilities yet in addition apply them to true issues, in this manner optimizing their professions.

Vice-Chairman's Message

Teacher Education is the touchstone by which the advancement of a country is estimated in the present occasions. As the nation stands balanced on the precarious edge of an energizing future, advanced education is as significant as authoritative arrangement. Today, the general public, the scholarly world and the business need to stand together and share their responsibility, energy and aptitude so as to make capable, dynamic and talented populace. With regards to this very soul, Idhayaam College of Education has been concentrating on giving all-round, applicable and complete training to understudies throughout the previous three decades in a situation that puts forth for morals, qualities and mutual respect.

CEO's Message

We at Idhayaam college of education have a dream: "We don't simply polish stones, we carve them". The institution under the aegis of the Imayam Trust isn't about just showing behavior, yet it's tied in with making them 'industry–prepared' to confront the difficulties put before them in the dynamic professional workplace, accordingly conquering any hindrance among instruction and the Education field. Idhayaam college of education has increased monstrous acknowledgment for the equivalent and have additionally been delegated as one of the best institutions in and around the surroundings

Nowadays where Parents just as students always stress over the quality of guidance , its importance, the nature of direction and the learning condition, just as the healthiness of the living condition, we at idhayaam college of education solidly accept that the best of every one of these universes is available in our excellent, ambeince. I welcome all of you, to stroll through our entryways to feel the energy vibrating in the environment at Idhayaam college of education and go along with us in making it a really world–class foundation.

Wishing all of you the absolute best in all occasions to come.