Mechanical Engineering
Imayam College Of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department is engaged with the best of resources to enhance the bloodline of the department ensuring high quality education to the students. The department is functionally divided into four segments - designing, manufacturing, material and thermal engineering. Students will have the opportunity to begin their career with a comprehensive view on the domain.


To impart rich, quality education in the field of Mechanical Engineering in an ambience of collective wisdom, knowledge, intellect and innovation. We nurture them professionally and ethically to lead them to a progressive, bright future in a social and industrial environment.


  • To deliver quality education to produce Mechanical Engineers and improve their skills to lead a career as renowned professionals.
  • To develop connections with leading, global R&D organizations to inculcate research acumen among students and faculty in dominant areas of the domain.
  • To be the centre of state-of-the-art training and education programs for aspiring engineers.

About The Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering encompasses a curriculum that imparts a flexible academic learning experience in design, modeling, mathematics, computing, engineering science, humanities and management. The students can utilize the program as the launching pad for various professional engineering services.

  • To enable students to understand the skills, technical detailing, and practical abilities required to lead a promising career in Engineering
  • To inculcate the habit of exploring and testing the feasibility of solutions to real-time, industry related complications.
  • To enhance the professional practice to meet the global standards with social and ethical responsibility
  • To develop interpersonal skills required to indulge in cross-functional partnership and pursue life-long learning.


  • CAD/CAM Lab

    • ANSYS
    • AutoCAD Mechanical
    • CNC Lathe & Milling Machine with simulator
    • Pro/E WILDFIRE
    • SolidWorks
    • CADEM
    • HP Laser Jets and Scanner
    • HCL Computer with 2GB RAM
    • High Speed Internet Connection
  • Machine Shop

    • Shaping Machines
    • Milling Machines
    • Centre Lathes
    • Cylindrical and Surface Grinder
    • Slotting Machines
    • Radial Drilling Machine
    • Basic Workshop

      Sheet Metal, Foundary, Welding, Carpentry, Fitting, Plumbing,

  • Dynamics Laboratory

    • Cam Profile Analyser
    • Motorized Gyroscope
    • Vibration Table
    • Cantilever setup
    • Free Beam setup
    • Static and Dynamic Balancing
    • Whirling of shaft Apparatus
    • Spur Gear
    • Helical Gear
    • Worm Gear
    • Bevel Gear
    • Simple Gear Train
    • Compound Gear Train
    • Differential Gear Train
    • Four Bar Mechanism
    • Universal Governor Apparatus
    • Spring Mass System
    • Balancing Of Reciprocating Masses
    • Bifilar Suspension & Compound Pendulum
    • Vibration of Equivalent Spring Mass
  • Thermal Laboratory

    • Thermal Conductivity of Guarded Hot Plate
    • Heat Transfer through Lagged Pipe
    • Heat Transfer Coefficient in Natural Convection
    • Heat Transfer Coefficient in Forced Convection
    • Heat Transfer Through Pin-Fin
    • Stefen Boltzmann Apparatus
    • Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
    • Parallel/Counter Flow Heat Exchanger
    • Two Stage Twin Cylinder Reciprocating Compressor
    • Refrigeration Test Rig (Closed Type)
    • Air Conditioning Cycle Testing
    • Flash & Fire Point Apparatus (Cleveland)
    • Flash & Fire Point Apparatus (Pensky Martin)
    • Redwood Viscometer
    • Model of 4S Diesel Engine
    • Model of 2S Petrol Engine
    • Multi Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig
    • Single Cylinder Diesel Engine test Rig
    • Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig
    • Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with Eddy Current Dynamometer
  • Metrology & Measurements Laboratory

    • Micrometer 0-25
    • Micrometer 25-50
    • Micrometer 50-75
    • Vernier Caliper 0—300
    • Vernier Caliper 0-200
    • Height Gauge 0-300
    • Depth Gauge 0-200
    • Slip Gauge Set M83
    • Gear Tooth Vernier
    • Sine Bar 100mm
    • Sine Bar 200mm
    • Bevel Protractor
    • Sine Centre
    • Mechanical Comparators
    • Profile Projector
    • Electrical Comparators
    • Autocollimator
    • Tool Maker’s Microscope
    • Force Measuring Setup
    • Temperature Measurement Setup
    • Surface Plate with Stand
  • Mechatronics Laboratory

    • Basic Electro Pneumatic With PLC (VINT-303LC)
    • Speed Control OF AC & DC Drives
    • Hybrid Control Board DC Drive
    • Process Controller Trainer with LabView Interface (VINDA-062A)
    • Basic Level Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit (VMPT-302LC)
    • Pneumatic Linear Actuation Trainer With LabView (VMPT7304LL)
    • Stepper Motor With 8051 Microcontroller (Half Step & Full Step Resolution)


The faculty of the Mechanical Engineering Department have deep knowledge in the industry and the surrounding domains, so the students absorb all the required technical and practical skill set to emerge as an innovative, progressive Engineer. It is important for businesses to analyze the situation and bring in unconventional ideas to solve existent, complex issues. Our faculty spend their time and effort building their skills to explore ideas. They bring this habit by sharing and discussing their research and thesis papers on modern technologies. The exposure helps them think along similar lines - be it fluid mechanics, dynamics & control Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), thermodynamics & heat transfer, materials engineering, manufacturing, solid mechanics, or energy systems.


The possibilities for a Mechanical Engineer in this growing landscape is immense - from Robotics, Manufacturing, to Information Technology. The cross-disciplinary activities will open up new avenues and provide students with fresh opportunities to further their prospects, some of which include -

  • Automobile industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Steel plants
  • Computer industries
  • Postal departments
  • Banking sector

Admissions Open for 2024

Admissions for the academic year 2024-2025 are now open.Students/Parents who wish to enroll into various academic programs offered by Imayam group of institutions can contact us.Looking forward to meeting you.

05th July 2024


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